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Use Earth Day 2023 to Shake Up Your Branded Merchandise: Here’s Why and How to Do It

27 Mar 2023 | Accessories, Events, Fun, Gifts, Stationery

Home > Gifts > Use Earth Day 2023 to Shake Up Your Branded Merchandise: Here’s Why and How to Do It

Every year in April, we celebrate Earth Day – an opportunity to reflect on how our activities impact our environment and set the tone for new initiatives in the year to come. Looking at office merchandise, marketing activities and branding in particular, there is no better opportunity to review your branded merchandise and make eco-conscious decisions that will benefit your own marketing strategy.


In the short term, switching to eco-friendly branded merchandise can be relatively more costly (given the initial investment) and may involve abandoning some of your existing stock. But, in the medium to long term, a thoughtful move towards sustainable, durable products, away from single-use and focusing on associating your brand to caring for the environment will benefit your brand identity immensely.


Read on to find out how to introduce eco-friendly merchandise in your marketing campaigns, the benefits of doing so, and some great ideas you can start using today.


Benefits of eco-friendly branded merchandise


Each Earth Day, we are reminded of the impact of our actions on the environment. Whether your company manufactures products, offers services, or builds software, your carbon footprint is likely to be more significant, the more employees you have. Simply hosting our data on servers is contributing to carbon emissions, not to mention the outcome of business trips, keeping lights on in offices, and so on. In other words, regardless of your field of activity, you will have an environmental impact.


However, this doesn’t mean that you can no longer use branded merchandise as part of your marketing outreach. Instead, switch to some eco-friendly products which will associate your brand name with environmental responsibility and help your brand identity. Here are 3 essential benefits of using eco-friendly branded items.


Positive brand association


From an ROI perspective, your brand being associated with eco-friendly products has a long-term positive impact. Your end consumers will understand that you make a commitment to using more sustainable products and to reducing your environmental impact. This opens up (or strengthens) your position in the market with those who share the same values. It can mean gaining more consumers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones.


Moreover, an eco-friendly brand image can open you up to new partnerships and investments from other companies who share these values.


Positive impact on the environment


Of course, let’s not forget why you’re changing your advertising products – Earth itself! By using sustainable materials and investing in better sourced products, you will reduce your

negative environmental impact. You will also contribute to more ethical hiring and production practices among your suppliers.


Cost effectiveness and durability

Using eco-friendly products can make you more cost effective in the long run. By resorting to recycled items, you could reuse your own production outputs where this is relevant (of course, this only works once you’ve ensured that your current products are eco-friendly to begin with).


Resorting to more durable materials, such as stainless steel instead of plastic bottles, also mean that your branded merchandise is longer lasting. This can then have positive long-term impacts for your marketing and means your name will be out there for longer, and on the right type of products.


Ways to incorporate eco-friendly merchandise in marketing campaigns


It’s easy to promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and purchasing behavior if you take a look at your branded merchandise and supply chain and make a few small tweaks.


Our recommendations for adding some more sustainable items that are beneficial to the planet and to your brand identity:


· Audit your current suppliers: what are their raw materials and their production practices? Challenge them to switch to better, more ethical production processes if needed;

· Choose to brand products that align with your own brand values – e.g. pick sustainably sourced items, recycled items etc.;

· Organize giveaways with eco-friendly merchandise and explain why – this is a great way to educate your customer base;

· Turn your employee gifts eco-friendly;

· Make sure all your event branding is ethically sourced and sustainable, and reuse as much as possible.


Top 5 picks of eco-friendly merchandise you can use now


Just in time for Earth Day 2023, we’re happy to announce a range of new, eco-friendly and sustainable products which are available as branded merchandise that you can personalize and use in your own campaigns. Here are 5 top items that we think you’ll love.


Ceramic mugs (MO6323)

Every office desk needs a mug for coffee or tea. Going with a ceramic design ensures longevity and looks sleek and professional, too. This mug can feature your company colors and logo and will be an excellent sustainable employee gift.


Bamboo cutlery sets (MO6121)

With summer fast approaching, we will soon be getting ready for picnics and outdoor barbecues. A bamboo cutlery set is a perfect branded item to fit into these events. It can be reused and will less harmful to the environment. It’s also lightweight and really easy to carry along with other items in a picnic basket.


The new generation of folders (1450)

To store your documents and look good at the office, document holders made of recycled cotton are a great environmentally friendly choice. They can be reused for a very long time and will match your brand colors and look.


Sustainable pens (IT3892)

Gone are the days of throwaway plastic pens! We’re keeping the environment cleaner and reducing our use of plastic with these pens made from recycled paper. They are refillable and will help you save on your stationery budget as well, in the longer term.


The ethical USB charger (1978)

Instead of a plastic USB charging port, why not switch to one that’s made in most part of bamboo and which looks elegant, too? You can engrave it with your logo and show your environmental credentials by offering it as a giveaway prize.


Embrace eco-friendly products this Earth Day


You don’t need to make drastic changes to be more eco-friendly in your marketing practices. With some subtle switches in your branded merchandise, you’re already taking big steps which will pay dividends for the planet and for your reputation.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more ideas for ethically sourced, recycled or eco-conscious merchandise!

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