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Why Branded Merchandise is Essential for Your Business!

04 Apr 2024 | Corporate Merchandise

Home > Corporate Merchandise > Why Branded Merchandise is Essential for Your Business!

Merchandise has been around since the dawn of branding. In modern times, it’s become almost impossible to separate the brand from its visual identity. The mere mention of a brand, from McDonald’s to Zara, instantly triggers an image of these world-famous logos printed onto a shopping bag, clothing label, billboard, or other form of advert. But how did brands achieve this status? 

While many different factors contribute to a brand’s success, branded merchandise is high on the list. 

Out with the Old?

Although branded merchandise is one of the oldest tools in the book when it comes to promoting a business, it remains an important and valuable part of a brand’s marketing strategy, hundreds of years after George Washington first used branded campaign buttons for his US Presidential Campaign in 1789. Fast-forwarding to the 19th century, branded merchandise quickly became a core part of promotional campaigns, with several companies focusing on supplying and distributing a wide range of branded items.

Nowadays, brands need to work harder than ever to stand out from their competitors. Most brands create branded merchandise, so it’s important to be creative when developing your organisation’s promotional material. Doing so will help you establish your brand’s identity which, in turn, can help boost brand awareness and increase sales.

Branded Merchandise: A Cost-effective Solution

Advertising can be a tricky business. With so many digital and print channels to choose from, it can be difficult to measure the impact of your campaign. Branded merchandise can be an effective solution to this issue. Whether you give away 100 or 10,000 promotional items, you’ll know how many people are being exposed to your brand directly. Plus, you’ll benefit from further impressions if your products are used in public, such as a beach towel, hoodie, or water bottle, or if they can be shared and passed on to others!

Branded merchandise is an excellent way to build brand recognition, especially if the items you’re gifting are practical and durable. This will ensure that your products are used, rather than stored away and forgotten. When it comes to choosing the right product for your merchandise, there’s a fine line between creating something useful and something unexpected. Consult with a printed merchandise expert to help you come up with the perfect solution, tailored to your brand and your audience!

Build Brand Loyalty and Make Employees Happy

There’s a common misconception that branded merchandise is just for clients. In reality, branded products can be gifted to clients, suppliers, employees and even new leads. The more awareness you build through branded merchandise, the greater your return on investment will be. 

Having said that, it’s important to gift appropriate items to each group. For example, employees may be happy to proudly wear a hoodie with your company’s logo printed on it, but this won’t be as suitable for people who’ve never heard of your brand before! Similarly, gifting unique items to loyal customers may be an excellent way to cultivate brand loyalists, while items that are practical and subtly branded may be a better choice for new leads.

Ready to build your brand awareness with top-quality merchandise?

Our team at Print&Merchandise is here to guide you in finding the right merchandise for your campaign. With a wide range of products available, our in-house team will design and develop your branded merchandise to help you elevate your brand identity!

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