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Why Branded Travel Accessories Make Excellent Merchandise

05 Mar 2024 | Accessories

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If you ask everyone in your office whether they like to travel, the chances are that you’ll get a 90% positive response rate or higher. Travelling is a hobby enjoyed by many, no matter their age, gender or lifestyle! This is why, if you’re looking for inspiration for branded merchandise that will appeal to a wide demographic and can be used all year long, travel accessories are a great choice.

Branded Travel Accessories: A Sustainable Choice

The first rule when it comes to choosing branded merchandise is usability. In this day and age, when sustainability is at the forefront of many people’s minds, giving away corporate merchandise just for the sake of it is often frowned upon. Unusable items simply lead to more waste, and that’s not a good look for any company. It can be difficult, however, to come up with an idea for branded merchandise that will be used by everyone, whether it’s your team or your clients to whom you’re planning on gifting the items.

Since most people like to travel, gifting branded travel accessories means that your items will be put to good use. Plus, having your logo on items that will be taken from country to country is a great way to build brand awareness!

So, if you’re looking for some branded travel accessory ideas, we’ve put together a list of practical items that your recipients will love!

1. Travel Cups

Travel Cup showing company logo

Perfect for keeping drinks hot (or cold) while on the go, a branded travel cup is a great travel accessory for anyone who goes on long journeys on the road. Typically made of stainless steel or glass, travel cups are a durable and practical travel accessory that provides value to the receiver. It’s a particularly great choice for companies looking to promote sustainability, as travel cups can also be used when ordering coffee from a café, instead of opting for a single-use paper cup. Plus, coffee tastes better in a travel cup – just ask the baristas!

2. Neck Pillows

Image of a travelling pillow

Neck pillows are an item that every traveller should own, but not enough people do! Simply adding your logo to a neck pillow makes a great option for affordable branded merchandise, as neck pillows are a useful item that travellers will definitely get good use out of. When choosing a neck pillow as a branded travel accessory, comfort, size and material should all be taken into consideration to ensure that the neck pillow is easy enough to carry around and use while travelling!

3. Luggage Tags

Luggage tag with company logo

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of having someone pick up your luggage instead of their own, you likely will never travel without a luggage tag again. Luggage tags are one of the most useful branded travel accessories that companies can give to their employees and clients, and they also happen to be a highly cost-effective option. You can design the luggage tag using your brand colours, add your logo and perhaps a fun message and you’re good to go!

4. Eye Masks

Eye mask

Eye masks can be a real lifesaver for those who struggle to get some shut-eye during a flight. This travel accessory doesn’t take up much space in your carry-on, so travellers can easily pack it for their flight. The flat and wide shape of the eye mask is the perfect canvas for you to print your brand logo or tagline, making them the ideal branded travel accessory for companies looking to get creative.

Interested in discovering more branded travel accessories for your next company merchandise drop? Get in touch with the Print&Merchandise team for a free consultation and quote!

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