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Winter Time Pastimes to Enjoy at Home: From Games to Knitting and Cooking!

26 Feb 2022 | Fun, Games, Gifts

Home > Fun > Winter Time Pastimes to Enjoy at Home: From Games to Knitting and Cooking!

Spending time at home, whether as staycation or simply relaxing at the weekend, doesn’t need to be dull. Whether you have a small family or are living alone, there are a wealth of pastimes that can brighten up the cloudiest day inside.

In this article, we’ll give you some games and activity ideas that will make everyone get involved and enjoy winter time indoors.

Cuddle up with a puzzle

Competitive games might be good fun, but being on your own can also be quite entertaining when you focus on solving a puzzle. Puzzles are gripping, exciting and a great way to stay in good mental shape as they require visual and deductive skills to complete. You can work on your favorite puzzle wrapped in a blanket, by the fire, or at a work desk if you’re getting more competitive! You can also share it with others, but careful not to end up fighting!

Cozy candlelit evenings

It gets dark early in winter, but this shouldn’t make it feel bleak and dull. Instead of turning on the full-strength indoor lighting, fill the living room with soft light from some discreet scented candles. Meditate or do some yoga by candlelight, allowing your whole body to relax and unwind.

Soft lighting sends sweet, relaxing messages to the brain, it’s gentle on your eyes and it’s a great antidote to hours spent on various screens during the day. Opting for a candlelit dinner for two is romantic, while spending 10-20 minutes by candlelight before bed can help you begin to switch off and prepare for a great night’s sleep.


Unleash your artistic side with a watercolor set. It doesn’t matter whether the end result is a masterpiece, it’s the actual process of creating something unique and personal that accesses a part of our brains we don’t normally use in everyday life (except for those professional artists among us!). You don’t even need to show the final paintings to anyone!

Alternatively, coloring has become an oft-recommended pastime for adults, allowing you to switch off, let your mind wander, but have those first few steps available already on paper in front of you. Try it with a coloring book and a set of pencils, and – who knows? – you might get some more artistic urges!

Try a new meal

Cooking at home can be entertaining if you set yourself a challenge so it’s not the usual few dishes you always make for yourself or your family. Browse through cookbooks in your local bookstore and pick a new cuisine or just let yourself be inspired by things around you: a painting, a movie, anything you might have heard on the radio or seen on the news.

Once you have a general type of food or cuisine, research your recipe and see how you get on. It will be an “at-home travel” experience, in a way, as well.

Flower arrangements… with a twist

Working with plants is a great stress-busting activity, but being indoors isn’t quite the same as gardening and doing any gardening in winter won’t yield many results. Besides, digging new flower beds in the mud and cold doesn’t seem so appealing, does it?

There’s an alternative option, however: indoor flower arrangements! You don’t actually need to buy fresh cut flowers to play around with creative arrangements. Instead, be eco-friendly and purchase a bunch of dried flowers and fake plants you can re-organize as many times as you’d like, refreshing your arrangements every few days. Less mess, less waste, and all still cozy and rewarding for a day spent indoors!

Playing charades or reading a book might be your classic at-home winter time activity recommendations, but what if you’ve done it all and are looking for something new? Hopefully these new ideas will peak your interest and you can discover something you’ve never done before and turn it into a regular hobby!

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