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Your Go-to Guide for Winter Merchandise

23 Feb 2024 | Corporate Merchandise, winter merchandise

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Whether you’re planning on gifting your team some new merchandise at your winter office event or thinking about your next big giveaway, your promotional merchandise should always be tailored to the season. The best kind of branded merchandise combines practicality and functionality, so ensuring that your gift ideas are relevant at the time that they are being given is highly important. This will mean that your recipients get the most use out of their merchandise as possible, while also giving you the best value for your investment. It’s a win-win!

Luckily, there are lots of different merchandise ideas geared towards the colder season, which are designed to keep us warm and cosy during the winter. From wearable products with your brand logo printed on them to useful objects designed to protect us from the cold, we’re sharing our top five winter merchandise ideas to help brighten up a dark and cold winter day!


Warm, cosy and with lots of space for you to get creative with your brand design – blankets are a clear winner in the winter merchandise ideas category. Who can resist the allure of a soft blanket during the cold winter months? 

With a variety of materials, sizes and colours to choose from, it’s no wonder why blankets are such a popular choice for winter merchandise. Plus, blankets get re-used year after year, making them a more sustainable investment compared to single-use items.


Even the best of us can’t resist a pair of funky socks. From fun prints to simple branding, socks are a practical idea for promotional merchandise for winter. You can make them stand out with your logo, and even personalise them to reflect your brand personality. Either way, a pair of winter socks will put a smile on your team and clients’ faces throughout the season!


Hoodies make a great piece of promotional merchandise for winter. Not only do they keep your team and clients warm, but they also help promote your brand to an even wider audience! Such a staple wardrobe item can be worn practically anywhere – from travelling to different corners of the world to buying groceries from your local supermarket. Whether you opt for simple logos or bold designs, a comfortable hoodie will be an excellent choice for your winter merchandise.


An umbrella is a useful merchandise idea, and a great canvas for promoting your brand! They’re an essential winter accessory used solely outdoors, so if you’re looking for a way to create greater visibility for your brand, choosing umbrellas for your winter merchandise is the way to go.


Last but not least, don’t underestimate the classic tumbler! A practical winter item that can be used at home or on the go, a durable tumbler will last for many years. This makes it a great choice for sustainability-minded businesses.  

Got any other winter merchandise ideas? Our team at Print & Merchandise is here to turn your vision into reality. Get in touch to discuss your ideas and we’ll help you find the right items for your winter merchandise!

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